The Singing Rooster Book.


"ThE Singing Rooster"

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The singing Rooster©2017 Welcomes you!

A brand new Nursery Rhyme and Children' Book to
delight all!

About the Author

       ​Marybeth Lang is a singer/songwriter and pediatric nurse who lives in Vermont. She 

is very entertaining to children and loves coming up with silly songs to make them laugh as they heal. While attending to a child with Cerebral Palsy she created a song about a Rooster for the little boy who had Roosters living in the backyard next door. Marybeth called this song "The Singing Rooster" and when she would sing it to him he would giggle and laugh which helped him to expand his lungs and be joyful.  When she told her friends about the song they loved it and urged her to write a book to go with the song.  So she did.  After searching for an illustrator who would be a good fit for the book she found artist Wayne McKenzie. Together they produced "The Singing Rooster" book for the enjoyment of both children and adults.  They hope you enjoy this book as well as the song which Marybeth is bringing into schools and libraries so kids will have a new song to sing about a Rooster! It is a snappy fun song that follows the text in her book.  It is always good to have a new song to sing to your children !        

               Since "The Singing Rooster" has its own website the book can be purchased here 

                          for $18.95  using the button below or can be found at these Vermont shops:

                                       The South Royalton Coop in South Royalton, Vermont

                                     The Royaltowne Gift shop in Royalton, Vermont

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