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"ThE Singing Rooster"

Cock a doodle Doo

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A brand new Nursery Rhyme and Children' Book to
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   It is May 2019 our 5th month of the year. 

  I am currently visiting schools and libraries

and hope I get to meet you to Cock a doodle doo!

       Yes welcome one and all and thank you for stopping by to learn about this beautiful book! As you turn the pages you will learn how important a Rooster is to life on the farm in a very fun way! You also can be one of the first to own this new book!   There is an accompanying rhyming young childrens song for purchase which the author wrote .   In the book you can learn about "The Singing Rooster" and how he spends his day.  Kids can even follow along in their own copy of the book and learn how to read themselves!  The Singing Rooster is a book you will want to read to your children and have as part of your reading library.  To Check out our sing and read tour photos Click the link above in the contents section.

      New!      You can now purchase The Singing Rooster Song download from the music store at CD Baby.  When you click on the link below it will take you right there so you can purchase and download it to your phone or laptop to sing with your children as you read the book together! There is a small clip of the song to listen to also!


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Welcome kids to the Singing Rooster website! You can learn about what a Rooster does during the day and sing along to the song with him. You can even act out the song and have Mom or Dad  help you to learn how to read at the same time!.

The Singing Rooster